Are you ready to Embrace the Nature?

Embrace The Nature

The theme for the Farm Run 2019 is "Run and Embrace The Nature". The theme selection is based on the competition route that highlights the farm route with hilly terrain.

Route Map

Click image below to view larger route map.


'Farm Run' is a program organized by the Association of Agricultural Science Students (PERSSAP) and the Department of Agricultural Sciences, the Faculty of Technical and Vocational, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris. This run competition fosters a healthy culture beside highlighting the existence of two (2) agricultural sites managed by the Department of Agricultural Sciences,

Site A: Integrated Farm Farms and
Site B: Horticultural Unit.

In this tournament, agricultural products can be introduced to all participants, especially UPSI residents and the residents around Muallim. In addition, it can also be a platform to promote the faculty farm site as an agricultural center that can be referred by the residents around Muallim, through organization of agricultural courses. Various parties will be involved directly and indirectly in the program, including government and private agencies. This will indirectly enhance the soft skills among students as well as establish collaboration between FTV and outsiders.

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